June 10th is here and so is the daily rundown of what happened On This Day In Music!

We begin in Washington, DC on June 10th, 1998, where the House of Delegates were working on the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1998. This day was good for record companies because the House decided that musicians couldn't claim bankruptcy to void a recording contract. Before that it was used, not regularly but enough that it was an issue.

For this one, not that they are broke, but we will play "Entertainment" from Phoenix. Why? Because it was on their record, Bankrupt! (Sometimes you have to dig deep.)

This was from Saturday Night Live in 2013. 

We'll move to June 10th, 2003, as Radiohead had the release of their album Hail To The Thief. It was their sixth album and gave us "There There", "2+2 = 5" and "Go To Sleep", which they played in 2003 on Later With Jools Holland. 

This album got leaked 10 weeks early and Radiohead was quite mad about it. This lead to their decision on the next studio record, In Rainbows, being released online with a "name your own price" model.

Another June 10th, 2003 record came from Fountains of Wayne. Today they gave us Welcome Interstate Managers. This record got great reviews from the critics and from it, Fountains of Wayne had their biggest song, "Stacy's Mom"!

They played it on their 2009 No Better Place: Live in Chicago video! 

June 10th was a great day for albums and also for birthdays, especially when we have two at the same time.

The Deal Sisters came to us today in 1961, Kim and Kelley! The sisters shined together in their band The Breeders and we shall "Cannonball" for the occasion! This comes to us from MTV Live and Loud in 1993.

We can also talk about another alternative music powerhouse, Mr. Jimmy Chamberlain, former drummer for The Smashing Pumpkins. June 10th, 1964 is his birthday, and would any Pumpkins song be better than "Today"? No!

From 1993 at Metro in Chicago, enjoy! 

Last one of the day belongs to Mike Doughty, founder of Soul Coughing. Mama Doughty gave birth to him on June 10th, 1970. There were many problems with the relationship between Mike and his bandmates, but they made good music. "Super Bon-Bon" from 1996! 

Happy June 10th to you, your family, your dog, cat and goldfish!