If you're like me then today you're struggling coming off of 4th of July Weekend. But that's ok! Take a few minutes and get your brain working again with us as we take a look at July 7th On This Day in Music!

Last week we celebrated the anniversary of Live 8 and today another big day for music happened with Live Earth in 2007. The shows were organized to bring awareness to environmental issues on our planet and had, like Live 8, concerts happening all around the globe: Washington DC, New York, London, Italy, China, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Australia, even a performance in Antarctica at the Rothera Research Station! Music on every continent in one day!

Let's look at some of the highlights of the day!

In London, enjoy "Best of You" from the Foo Fighters! 

Metallica was in London as well with "Enter Sandman"! 

In New York it was Fall Out Boy playing "Sugar We're Going Down"!

"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" from Smashing Pumpkins got everyone singing in New York! 

Over in Japan it was Linkin Park playing "Papercut"! 

And in Germany, Chris Cornell pulled from the Soundgarden catalogue with "Black Hole Sun"!

The strange thing about Live Earth was which countries watched it. In the US and England it wasn't a tv winner but in Brazil and Germany and Canada it got huge ratings. Questions were raised after the show as well about where the money from ticket sales went and there didn't seem to be a clear cut message on what the shows were really put on for.

Let's go to July 7th, 1980, where Led Zeppelin played their final show with the original band. It happened in Berlin at Eissporthalle and you can listen to "Kashmir" from that performance. 

It wasn't too long after this that John Bonham passed away. Led Zeppelin has done a few shows after this, but never again with the original band.

We'll go to 2007 in England in Middlesex, to the arrest of Tom Simpson. Tom is the keyboard player for Snow Patrol and was put in handcuffs today for failing to appear in court on a drug charge. They missed played the Oxegen 2007 set that night and almost didn't make their performance at T In The Park but Tom was released in time to make it.

Check them out playing "Shut Your Eyes" at the just-made-it T In The Park set! 

We can't have July 7th without birthdays!

Starting in 1980, we'll celebrate with Dan Whitesides, the drummer from The Used! Watch them playing "The Bird and The Worm" at the 2007 MuchMusic Awards! 

Moving up 1 year to July 7th, 1981, we have the birthday of Avenged Sevenfold's guitarist Synyster Gates (not his legal name). They just played at Rock Am Ring and we'll watch "Nightmare"! 

Our final birthday is Mr. Mark White, the Spin Doctors' bass player! He came to us today in 1962, and we'll watch "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" on Late Night With David Letterman in 1992!

There you have it, July 7th's rundown On This Day in Music! Now go find a pillow and nap off all that weekend fun you had!