Lots of things to discuss On This Day in Music for July 2nd, and before we do I want to let you know that you might see people walking around with their tinfoil hats on. The reason for that is because July 2nd is World UFO Day! Trust no one.

Now let's talk about music, that's what you're here for!

July 2nd, 2005 is where we begin and it was a worldwide concert with Live 8 happening in Philadelphia, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barrie, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Moscow and Eden Project. Bands took the stage globally with the message to "Make Poverty History". Over 3 BILLION people watched the shows happen (I was one of them) and there were so many amazing performances from that historical day!

Let's watch a few of them, starting in Philadelphia with "Breaking the Habit" from Linkin Park! 

Dave Matthews Band was also in Philly, doing "Don't Drink The Water"! 

How about the Berlin show? Green Day was there playing "American Idiot"! 

Who helped make the Paris concert huge? Muse did! "Time Is Running Out" was a crowd favorite!

Off to London now with Coldplay, serenading everyone with "In My Place"! 

U2 playing "One" was a highlight of the day! 

What about The Who doing "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again"! 

And without question the most memorable part of all of Live 8, Pink Floyd. 

It's absolutely incredible how this show went off and really without any problems! There were criticisms of the way the tv networks broadcast the event but that is bound to happen. Overall though, it was the biggest day of music in decades. I highly doubt anything like Live 8 could ever happen again, and if it did it wouldn't come close to how big this one day truly was.

We're staying in England for a theft on our next story. It happened July 2nd, 2008 at Macclesfield Cemetary. Thieves stole the tombstone of Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis. The original read: IAN CURTIS  18-5-80  LOVE WILL TEAR US APART.

Let's watch the video for the song that defined Ian's music. 

Our last story of July 2nd is also an English tale, as today in 2001 the Liverpool Airport was renamed Liverpool John Lennon Airport! Yoko Ono helped with the dedication and given the slogan "Above Us Only Sky". (Brilliant marketing, I have to say.)

This photo is the Lennon statue at the airport and it's a must see if you're a Beatles fan.

Getty Images

Our day isn't complete unless we have some birthdays! July 2nd, 1965 is our first, with Dave Parsons, the bass man in Bush!

They played "Little Things" in 1997 at the Bizarre Festival! 

It's also the birthday of Roy Bittan, the man on the keyboards with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band! Roy's day is July 2nd, 1952, and in honor we will go to Madison Square Garden for "Born To Run" with special guest Jon Bon Jovi! 

Our biggest On This Day in Music yet! Have a great July 2nd!