We've made it! Friday! Hooray! Make sure you are doing the bare minimum today at work, you don't want to ruin a perfectly good day with pesky annoyances like doing your job. I know, how about we talk about what happened On This Day in Music for July 25th!

We have to talk first about the end of Woodstock '99. Today was a day where all the elements combined for disaster. 200,000 people were at the show in Rome, New York and it was hot. Food and beverages were overpriced without concern for the people there.

It turned ugly the night before during the Limp Bizkit set when a few sexual assaults happened. It got even worse when the Red Hot Chili Peppers closed the show on the 25th and things were lit on fire. People there described it as hell on earth. Watch this report from NBC 2 in Utica, NY on how bad it truly was. 

Unbelievable. I remember discussing going to the show with my friends but we decided against it. Thank God.

Let's look at some better things for July 25th, because two HUGE albums were released today!

The first was on July 25th, 1980. AC/DC released their first album without Bon Scott as their new leader Brian Johnson was at the helm for Back In Black! Since the release it's sold 22 million copies, 6th most all time here in the US. That ain't too shabby!

"You Shook Me All Night Long" is from their Live At River Plate video! 

Another great record also came to us today: July 25th, 1989. Three gentlemen known as The Beastie Boys gave us Paul's Boutique! 5 star reviews all around for the album, one of the best records you could ever own.

"Shake Your Rump" comes to us from their 1999 show in Glasgow, Scotland! 

We have a birthday to celebrate today as well, Mr. Thurston Moore came to us in 1958! The Sonic Youth frontman is quite underrated for his guitar work, but we'll honor him by watching the band playing "Teenage Riot" on Later... With Jools Holland! 

Enjoy your weekend! Don't get too out of control like it's Woodstock '99 again...