July 24th is upon us and that means it's National Tequila Day! Not that you need an excuse but go on, Jose and Don are waiting for you!

And while you're having that delicious cocktail / shot / drink right from the bottle, let's talk about what happened On This Day in Music!

Our adventure starts on July 24th, 2005 in Chicago, the 2nd day of Lollapalooza at its new home, Grant Park in Chicago! Playing on this day was Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, Ok Go, Spoon, G. Love and Special Sauce and The Killers! Let's watch them doing "Smile Like You Mean It"! 

And from then on the show stayed in Chicago. I need to go one year.

Next we have a candidate for Mayor of San Francisco! On July 24th, 1980, Jello Biafra from The Dead Kennedys announced he was running to be the mayor. It didn't work out for him though, but it wasn't the worst showing in the voting booth. Jello ended up in fourth place.

The Dead Kennedys played all over in 1980. Watch "Bleed For Me" from their Santa Monica tour stop! 

Maybe if Jello had devoted more time to his candidacy instead of touring he would have won.

Zooropa is what we're talking about now, as U2's record went to number 1 on July 24th, 1993! While the band doesn't see it as one of their finest efforts, it got the Grammy for Best Alternative Album. Bono and the boys are doing "Lemon" in Australia in 1993! 

The 90s fashion, I'm glad they're gone. Let's not repeat that nonsense.

Birthdays! Let's discuss the happy happys of today!

July 24th is the birthday of Paul Geary. Extreme's drummer came to us in 1963 and we should celebrate with "Get The Funk Out" from 1992 in Rio! 

Another birthday from today is July 24th, 1990 with Evan James Springsteen, the son of The Boss! Watch Evan and Papa Boss doing "Twist And Shout" in Spain in 2008! 

Must be nice to be his kid...

Happy July 24th to all, and to all a good National Tequila Day!