Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like this week is an eternity and it's only Tuesday! Ok, deep breath, we'll make it. I know how to speed things up, let's check out what happened On This Day in Music for July 22nd!

First we'll go to July 22, 2000. Oasis was on tour and today was the first of two nights at Wembley Stadium. They recorded these shows for their Familiar To Millions live album and video, plus it was broadcast live all around the world that first evening.

Enjoy "Stand By Me" from the show!


Johnny Cash is the next subject of today's stories! It was on July 22nd, 2006 that his record American V: A Hundred Highways went to number one here in the US. The odd thing about this is that Cash died before the music was recorded for this album. He did the vocals and the instruments were laid down in 2005, 2 years after he passed away.

The songs on the record are covers and we'll check one of them out, Johnny's version of Bruce Springsteen's "Further On (Up The Road)". 

A side note, this was his 93rd album! That's an unreal amount of songs to do. Did he ever spend time outside of a recording studio?!

Let's talk about a lawsuit that was filed today in 1996. A girl, Elyse Pahler, had been murdered in 1995 and her parents decided to bring a case against Slayer because of it. They said that her brutal demise wouldn't have happened if the music of Slayer hadn't influenced the three people who did it.

The case was eventually dismissed, as was a second lawsuit filed by the parents a few years later. It's horrible that tragedies happen but you can't point the finger at a band and say it was their fault. I guess in times of distress, the unreasonable sounds reasonable to people.

We're going to the birthdays for July 22nd now!

First up is Don Henley, born today in 1947. Don has years and years of making music with The Eagles and by himself. Let's have a cover to celebrate, and there's none better than The Ataris doing "Boys of Summer" from the 2009 Warped Tour stop in Ventura, California!

And we also have the birthday of Rufus Wainwright, born July 22nd, 1973! He's done so many different styles of music over his career and has excelled in all of them. Watch him playing "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" in Montreal in 2003!

That's it for July 22nd! Now let's all pray the week goes a bit faster...