I don't know how we'll top yesterday's edition of On This Day in Music, but gosh darnit we're going to try with the stories from July 15th!

We'll begin in France in 2004 where U2 was robbed! Police had to come in after a photoshoot where someone had stolen the new album Vertigo. It wouldn't have been a problem except that it wasn't in stores and this was one of the only fully finished copies. I would think you shouldn't just leave that sitting out when a bunch of strangers are around... Whoops!

Why don't we watch "Vertigo" from Milano! 

Next up it's July 15th, 1989, as Pink Floyd played a show on a floating stage at Piazza San Marco in Venice. The city expected 100,000 people to come and were prepared for that. What they weren't prepared for was the 200,000 people who showed up. The area's bridges and buildings suffered damage because of the crowd and cleanup cost them almost $50,000.

The show was a success though, as 100 million people watched it around the world. See what a big production this was with "Run Like Hell"! 

We're talking nuptials now from July 15th, 2006, as Sum 41's Deryck Whibley married Avril Lavigne today! The Canadians tied the knot in California and the marriage lasted 3 beautiful years.

A side note to this, did you know Deryck actually took Avril's last name? He just recently had Lavigne removed from his name after going through the whole process with the courts. Quite an odd move.

"In Too Deep" is more than fitting for this, coming from the 2002 Reading Festival! 

Ok the marriage didn't last but birthdays are forever! On July 15th, 1956, we actually had 2 musicians born in New York! The first one is Marky Ramone, the drummer for over 2000 Ramones shows.

They're doing "Rock n Roll High School" in 1980, from an unnamed French tv show! 

The other guy born today in New York in 1956 is Joe Satriani! The master guitarist has been there and done that with everybody so many times. Let's watch his band Chickenfoot taking on "Foxy Lady" at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina in 2011! 

One more birthday today, another guitarist, though this guy doesn't play the music like Satriani does. His name is Ray Toro, formerly of My Chemical Romance, and he was born today in 1977! Watch MCR doing "Teenagers" at the 2007 MTV EMAs! 

I was worried we couldn't compete with yesterday. I was clearly wrong, July 15th turned out pretty well!