July 14th is here! I don't know if we say Happy Bastille Day or how exactly you talk about it, but I will say that later On This Day in Music we'll say happy birthday to Bastille's singer Dan Smith. That is a fact. Let's get to the stories first.

First up we're going to July 14th, 2009. It was a day of joy for Jack White, as he gave us another of his music projects. Today the first record from The Dead Weather was released, Horehound. Let's check the band out doing "I Cut You Like A Buffalo" on Later With Jools Holland in 2009! 

(A side note, Jack White has more material from The Dead Weather coming soon. You can see about that and hear a sample by going here.)

Next up it's July 14th, 2004 that were going to talk about and Courtney Love. A few days before this she was taken to the hospital in New York City for an undisclosed medical condition. This was after the police came to her apartment and arrested her for throwing bottles out of the window. Well now, on July 14th, her lawyer told everyone that a legal guardian had been assigned to watch over her. I'm sure that was well received by Courtney.

Watch Hole doing "Doll Parts" from The Big Day Out Festival in 1999! 

Off to July 14th, 2012 for our next tale, one I would call a boneheaded move. I say that because Bruce Springsteen was playing at Hyde Park in London and who came out to join him? Sir Paul McCartney did! I bet Bruce and Paul would have gone for a while, but then the guy came out. The man who broke the news that if the show didn't stop they would kill the power. The man who became England's biggest villain for the night in one sentence. BOOOOO!!!!!

Amazing performance to see with Paul and The Boss! 

Let's talk birthdays today, and our first for Bastille Day has to be Bastille's singer, Dan Smith! He was born to be their frontman on July 14th, 1986. Check the guys out doing "Pompeii" earlier this year on SNL! 

We have another Dan to discuss for July 14th, Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons was also born today! This Dan came around in 1987, a year after the last Dan. We can watch the Dragons at Lollapalooza in Brazil from a few months ago doing "Demons" with quite the singalong happening! 

Uno mas birthday for July 14th and our last one is from 1971. Nick McCabe was born today, the lead guitarist for The Verve! This is a great performance of "Bittersweet Symphony" that was played on BBC Television in 1997! 

Have a great July 14th and Joyeux Jour de la Bastille!