Sweet, sweet Friday. And lots of stories to tell On This Day in Music, so let's have a solid finish to the week!

First up we're going to 1996 and a tragic July 11th for The Smashing Pumpkins. Their touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin died of a heroin overdose in a New York City hotel room. Jimmy Chamberlain was there and tried to save him but it was too late as paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene.

Two things about this. First, his passing inspired Sarah McLachlan to write her song "Angel". Second, the members of The Smashing Pumpkins were not invited to his funeral.

Watch them playing "1979" with Jonathan in April of 1996 at Rockpalast in Germany. 

Moving on to a few years later, on July 11th, 1998, we have the MTV premiere of "Beastieography". As you may have guessed by the title, it is a biography program about three fine gentlemen known as The Beastie Boys. If you've never seen it, why don't you watch it! 

And one more story before we get to the birthday cake. It was a year ago today, July 11th, 2013, that Pearl Jam released Lightning Bolt! It's some of their best music that they've put out in a while, and "Sirens" is coming from their October 2013 show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn! 

Now we can do those promised July 11th birthdays!

Our first is July 11th, 1965, with the bassist for Weezer, Scott Shriner! Scott came into the band and was with them first on Maladroit so we shall enjoy them playing "Keep Fishin'" on Letterman in 2002!

Next up on the happy birthdays today is July 11th, 1957, the coming of the "Godfather of Goth", Peter Murphy! He had big success with Bauhaus and as a solo performer as well. Check him out playing "Cuts You Up" on The Dennis Miller Show in 1992! 

Whoa! Easy on the tight jeans Dennis! (Reason #498765 I don't miss the fashion of the 1990s!)

Finally on July 11th, a man who has been around the world and done it all as the guitarist for Bon Jovi. Born in 1959, Happy Birthday to the man, Richie Sambora!!!

In 1987 at the MTV Awards Show they did "Livin' On A Prayer"! 

That's how you end a week of On This Day in Music!!! Have a great weekend!