How has your August been so far? A bit sweaty? Yeah, me too. Forget about that, we have business to take care of as we talk about August 4th On This Day in Music!

First up we're going to August 4th, 2003. I'm telling you now that this video may make you cringe. Jack White decided that he needed to prove to everyone that he really was injured after a July car accident. He posted this video on The White Stripes' website showing the surgery where he had screws put into his hand. 

A simple photo from the hospital would have been good...

Why don't we stay on August 4th, 2003, no need for the extra time travel. Today, on the website of his band Eyes Adrift, Krist Novoselic announced that he was quitting the music business. He also said, though, that he would continue to make music with his friends. (I don't understand either.)

I guess we should watch the video from Eyes Adrift for "Alaska", even if Krist is out or in music. (I'm still confused.) 

Taking Back Sunday is the next band that we're talking about! On August 4th, 2004, their second album Where You Want To Be debuted at #3 on the Billboard Chart! Not too shabby to sell 163,000 copies in your first week! Let's watch them doing "A Decade Under The Influence" from the 2007 Projekt Revolution Tour! 

We have some August 4th birthdays as well!

Robbin Crosby was the lead guitarist for Ratt and he was born today in 1959. He helped them write many of their biggest songs, including "Round and Round"! This comes from a show in 1984 and I'm sorry but I don't know where it is. That's ok, the song is just as awesome either way!


And let's also say happy birthday to our Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama! O came to the world in 1961 and grew up to lead the free world. That's a pretty good lead item on a resume! Let's watch Mr. President and everyone else enjoying Dave Grohl playing "Band On The Run" at The White House! 

I have to imagine Dave, even as cool and collected as he is, was nervous for that one! Happy August 4th!