Before we start April 28th in Music, I want to celebrate a birthday yesterday, April 27th, for Patrick Stump! He's the singer of Fall Out Boy and does his own solo stuff as well, collaborations out the wazoo, plus he and I had a very deep conversation once about Zelda games. There are so many Fall Out Boy performances to choose from to celebrate for Patrick. How about their set last year, Live at MTV World Stage 2013! 

Now on to today!

We'll begin on April 28th, 1953 now, as today a young lady was born in Rochester, New York named Kim Gordon. She was one of the people that helped lay the foundation of alternative music with Sonic Youth! This video is a mix of footage with the band playing "Teenage Riot" on their European Tour in 1991.

One more birthday today, as the Space Ace was born / came from another planet in 1951. He's had a very loving and very hating relationship with the other members of KISS, but one thing is for sure: when Ace is on his game, he's one of the best on the six string! KISS theatrics were in high gear as they played "Detroit Rock City" in 1976 on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special. 

Now that's good television!!!

And in 1999, Marilyn Manson caused controversy. Shocking, I know, but this went bigger than his normal antics. He stopped his concert on April 28th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after someone put a big yellow smiley face replaced his Antichrist Superstar logo on a podium. In true Marilyn fashion he couldn't let it go and walked off stage. After he left a riot started in the crowd and 23 people were arrested outside of the arena.

Oh Marilyn!