What happened on April 18th in music? Well let me tell you!

The world lost an icon in 2012, as Dick Clark passed away from a heart attack after being in the hospital for a procedure the night before. He died at 82 years old.

Clark brought music into American homes for years before MTV did it on American Bandstand and this is one of the classics where three guys from New York who are known as the Beastie Boys were jumping around and singing "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)"!

I love that after they play, Dick is a professional about the interview with the broken microphone and the guys being so crazy. Rest in peace sir.

Also on April 18th, 1995, Oasis fired their original drummer Tony McCarroll over the phone. From the moment Noel joined the band there was apparently quite a bit of tension between them and the stories of his firing have varied over the years. In the end, McCarroll won just over a million dollars in a lawsuit against Oasis.

His final performance with them was on Top of the Pops playing "Some Might Say" and soon after it was announced he was gone from the group.

And speaking of drummers, today in 1970 Greg Eklund was born. He was one of the original three members of Everclear until he left in 2003. Check the guys out with "Santa Monica" at the Hollywood House of Blues in 1996.