July is almost finished but we're going to work hard to make sure you get all the music tidbits you need for the 30th! No slacking! Let's see what went down On This Day in Music!

First we're going to a massive show on July 30th, 2003. Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto was held to show the world the city was safe from the SARS virus that was scaring everybody away. The Rolling Stones came to headline the show and were joined by Rush, Justin Timberlake, AC/DC and The Flaming Lips to play for about 450,000 people who showed up. That's a big crowd!

Watch AC/DC doing "Thunderstruck" for the sea of humanity! 

Next we'll discuss a traffic stop that happened in Los Angeles on July 30th, 1991. Axl Rose's limo had made an illegal U-turn and the driver was going to get a ticket. That is until Axl made him tear it up, saying if he got a ticket then Guns n Roses wouldn't play their show that night. Wow! Push came to shove and Axl came out the winner there.

"November Rain" is from the 1991 tour, at their St. Louis stop! 

I wonder if that cop saved the ticket, at least he could have a claim to fame!

Our journey will take us to July 30th, 2001. Peter Buck from R.E.M. was in court in England pleading not guilty to charges that he was drunk on a British Airways flight and assaulted two crew members. Eventually he was cleared of the charges. I'm sure he was pleased, but not as much as when R.E.M. played "Furry Happy Monsters / Shiny Happy People" on Sesame Street! 

And July 30th wouldn't be complete without discussing today's birthdays!

First on the list is July 30th, 1971, the birthday of Third Eye Blind's drummer Brad Hargreaves! He's the longest tenured member of the band besides Stephen Jenkins so let's throw it back to 1998 when they did "How's It Gonna Be" on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno! 

Who else has a birthday today? Seth Avett does, co-leader of The Avett Brothers! He was born July 30th, 1980. They did "Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise" in Colorado at Red Rocks in 2011! 

That's it for July 30th. See, I told you: No Slacking!