We're here, we're here, July 21st! Yes it stinks that it's Monday but it's the start to another week and we can see what happened On This Day in Music!

First we're going to July 21, 1987. Today, Guns n Roses released Appetite for Destruction. This album is the best selling debut record of all time and has been certified platinum 18 times by the RIAA. Guns put songs out from Appetite for 2 years, 7 different singles came out from it! Despite all the issues over the years with the band, you can't deny that this record didn't make them immediate superstars.

"Mr. Brownstone" comes from The Ritz in New York City in 1988. Rock. Stars. 

Next up it was Chris Martin losing his cool on July 21st, 2003. He was surfing in Australia and a certain photographer had been taking shots of him at Seven Mile Beach. Chris couldn't take it and when he saw the guy's car he let all of the air out of the tires and smashed the windshield. He was charged with malicious destruction of property in the incident.

Let's watch "The Scientist" from their time in Australia in 2003. 

No windshields were harmed in the making of that clip.

Today was a real statement of the changing world, as Roger Waters was in Berlin on July 21st, 1990. He was there to play The Wall, to do the full show and live up to a promise. He said that the only way he would bring the show back was if the Berlin Wall came down. Well it did and Roger lived up to his promise.

There are differing reports on how many people were watching it live in person. The final number is anywhere from 350,000 - 500,000 people in attendance, plus it was broadcast all over the world.

Roger had a bunch of his friends helping out on the performance. In this video Sinead O'Connor and Joni Mitchell gave him a hand on "Mother" and "Goodbye Blue Sky"! 


Let's move on to birthdays! First up we'll have a celebration for Tonic's singer Emerson Hart, born July 21st, 1969! Watch them doing "You Wanted More" from Moondance Jam in 2010! 

Another happy happy is July 21st, 1978, with Damian Marley! Coming from the Marley family, the man has the lineage to make great reggae music! "Welcome To Jamrock" comes from his 2005 AOL Sessions performance! 

And finally, a musical legend was welcomed to our world on July 21st, 1955. His name is Taco.

We're wrapping up On This Day in Music with "Puttin' On The Ritz"! 

Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy July 21st amigos!