I'm not even going to screw around and flap my jaws here, there's a lot to get to On This Day in Music for July 23rd! Let's do this.

First up is July 23rd, 2011, and a musical tragedy. It was today that Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning. Such a sad waste of a very talented singer, but drugs and alcohol were too much temptation for Amy and she passed away at the cursed musical age of 27 years old.

I always liked her song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow". Check out this fan made tribute to the late Ms. Winehouse.

Next up is July 23rd, 1983. On that particular day, Sting, Stuart and Andy were quite happy because The Police album Synchronicity went to #1 on the US charts! It went on to even bigger things, including winning the Grammy for Album of the Year!

Watch the guys playing "King of Pain" at their 1983 Oakland tour stop! 

And now an incident that the Followills would love to forget. July 23rd, 2010 in St. Louis at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre. The Kings were set for a good evening until the birds came out of the rafters of the venue. Pigeons were all over the place and pooping on the stage, the crowd, and even in Jared Followill's mouth! GROSS! They cancelled the show after a three song set (and can you blame them).

Before we do a song from the guys, check out the report about the incident from CNN.

I'm sorry, if a bird drops their business in my mouth, I'm cancelling the show as well. No way I would have continued. Let's see the guys playing "Sex on Fire" from 2010 at the V Festival in England, poop free!

Let's talk July 23rd birthday then, shall we!

First is Saul Hudson, born today in 1965. Wait, who? Saul Hudson, aka Slash! Now you know! Watch the man in the top hat and Myles Kennedy doing "Civil War" during their 2010 MAX Session. 

Next we'll talk about a drummer named Chad Gracey! Chad was born July 23rd, 1971 and grew up to play in the band Live! Watch his kit skills as Live plays "Pain Lies On The Riverside" from Woodstock '99!

With that mass of humanity, I wonder why things turned bad at that Woodstock...

Our final birthday for July 23rd happened in 1961 with Martin Gore! Well, he just appeared, it was Mama Gore that did all the work. Anyway, the Depeche Mode leader came to us and has done it all many times over the years. Watch them playing "Strangelove" in Pasadena in 1988 (and all the sweet haircuts too)! 

There are some things from back in the day that I'm glad are staying there...

Happy July 23rd!