Vacation was a lot of fun, we went to California for a few days! Of course I was trying to be good with eating and sticking to being good to myself but that is definitely tough while you're away from home, especially when you don't cook any of your own meals.

My goal for the trip was to follow my diet plan as much as possible but also have a few cheat meals in there and I did. I tried to counter balance the bad food with making sure I got out and ran every day, which was also a struggle but it did happen.

I just had to keep telling myself that this was one week being kind of on and off, to do what I could but not let it keep me from trying different foods and experiences while in a place I've never been. (By the way, there's a TON of great places to eat in San Diego and San Francisco!)

Back to it this week, back on the plan that I set out with My Weight Doctor, back to being good to my body. And that way I can have another week like vacation week next time I go away!