I figured that we would have more Incubus music sometime in the near future and it looks like that's what's happening!

Mike Einziger told Radio.com that he and Brandon Boyd have been throwing ideas back and forth at each other and are hoping things fall into place.

"You know everybody's got a lot of things going on but we're slowly bringing focus back to the band and everybody's excited about it because we've had enough time away from it to where it's exciting for everyone. There's definitely some really great stuff coming."

The plan, at least in their minds, is to have an album for the early part of 2015 and then go on the big summer tour in the US and Europe.

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Who knows, we may actually get the music faster than this, since Brandon's schedule is free after the cancellation of Jesus Christ Superstar. Sure, that must be disappointing for him to not have that tour, but if work can be done on his main money maker, why not focus all your attention to that?