We hear all the time about schools that one of the first programs to be cut when funding goes down is music. I don't know about you but I was in the band for many years and it wasn't just playing an instrument, it was learning to work with others and also to build your own skills to better the group.

Alice in Chains' bassist Mike Inez had a very interesting interview with Clevescene to discuss what's been happening with the band and that topic came up. He had a very interesting take on the subject at the end of the conversation.

"My biggest fear is that the next Kurt Cobain is out there somewhere but he won't get into music because there's no money in it. They're pulling arts funding. I grew up playing in marching band at school and to see that go away is really sad. I'm more concerned with the next generation. Where's the good music going to come from?"

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It's a strong case that Mike makes in a few sentences. Why is music always the victim? Last I checked, music is the foundation of many great relationships in our lives and can bring thousands of people together for concerts and events, it entertains us during a long drive, it takes frustrations away and brings memories back in an instant. Yet it has to be the first thing that goes on the chopping block without a second thought to it.

What if I said the football program at schools should go? There would be a riot! But music, yeah, get rid of that.

If you see your local schools doing a concert, go support them. Give money to the band. Maybe you have an old instrument laying around that you could donate. Whatever you can do to help, let's make sure music stays in the schools.