Big festivals are doing everything they can to make the experience better for people, and this idea is one I fully support.

Lollapalooza is going cashless for this year's show. How? They've started sending electronic bracelets with RFID out to ticket buyers that they can link to a credit card for purchases during the show. You go online, connect the numbers through the website and there you go, your wallet on your wrist.

Maybe you're thinking this isn't a good idea? Well the technology has been tested already with other big shows like Coachella and Bonnaroo for ticketing to prevent fraud, and this will take it one step further. And to stop theft of the bracelets, every one will have a personally chosen PIN number so others won't rack up food and drinks on someone else's tab.

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Think about how bad lines can be for food and drinks. If you're moving up quicker because people are waving their wrist instead of trying to find money or waiting for a credit card to go through, it can speed everything up. The RFID technology, by the way, can work offline too. That's important because you also know how tough it is to send texts / Tweets / Instagram photos through a jammed network. Once the broadband is free, the charges will be processed. They've thought of everything!

The organizers behind Lollapalooza, C3 Presents, want to incorporate this into their other concerts, including the Austin City Music Festival, if this goes as well as they plan. (The cashless technology was used first a few weeks ago at Mysteryland USA, which you can read more about here. C3 wants to improve on that experience and make it a regular part of festivals.)