Great getting to catch up with Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant as we get ready to see them on May 3rd at the DC101 Kerfuffle! We discussed the band's appearance on Ellen, his girly car that he bought from his cousin and how he got to jam the other night once again with former Cage guitarist Lincoln Parish!

"Jared and Lincoln and another guy that we used to play with a lot we just getting up to jam and I went to watch them. And people kept asking or yelling for me to jump up there. We had a high school band, and so they were asking for some songs we used to play in high school. So I jumped up and we did some of those high school songs, which was pretty funny."

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Hear our chat!

And if you didn't see Cage the Elephant on Ellen, here they are doing "Come A Little Closer" on the show! 

All things Cage the Elephant can be found by clicking here!

Thanks Matt, we'll look for your fleet of Hummers and limos at Kerfuffle!