Josh Homme has a full calendar for 2014! He's on tour right now with Queens of the Stone Age, supporting their album ...Like Clockwork and has other plans that he vows to make happen!

The first announcement was that he'll revive his Desert Sessions project, where he gets a bunch of his random friends in music together and they make a record at Rancho De Luna in Joshua Tree, California. The first time Josh did it was the result of a three day psychedelic experience in 1997 but they haven't made anything since 2003. The plan is to do something in December or January.

The next item on Josh's plate is to finish working on the new Eagles of Death Metal album, which he said is only being held up because of his touring schedule with Queens of the Stone Age. As soon as they get home, he's going to finish that.

And if that's not enough, Queens of the Stone will make the follow up to ...Like Clockwork and have it to us before 2014 is over. Apparently they made so many songs recording ...Like Clockwork that it won't take too long to lay them down and get that album finished.

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I hope he has sleep penciled in somewhere on that schedule too!