Tomorrow Jack White will be stepping on the hill and tossing out the first pitch at the Tigers game at Comerica Park. At least I hope he's going off the mound! Don't do it from the grass Jack, step up there and show them the heater!

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Not only will Jack be tossing the first pitch out, he's also bringing the Third Man Records truck with him to Detroit to have a pop-up store outside of the ballpark. (I don't think Jack will be the one driving the truck though, someone else is doing that.) Also if you go to the Nashville home of Third Man Records and wear Tigers gear you'll get 15% off whatever you buy. Bonus!

Why don't we check out some other musicians and the times they threw out the first pitch at a baseball game?

Eddie Vedder tossed from the hill at Wrigley!


Cee Lo Green did it for the Dodgers! 

So did Pete Wentz! 

Alice Cooper bringing the pain in Kansas City (and the catcher blew it)! 

Geddy Lee is a baseball fanatic and he tossed the breaking ball in Toronto! 

Snoop Dogg did the White Sox proud when he did his first pitch! 

And then we have the 50 Cent incident when he was at Citi Field with the Mets... 

I actually think the Mets tried to sign 50 after that, saying they've had worse! Jack White, you need to lay it in there tomorrow. No pressure but Detroit is the hometown crowd! Again though, no pressure.

Wait, before you go, we have a first pitch bonus Detroit edition! How can you not watch Robocop toss out the first pitch!