Tomorrow The Black Keys give us their album Turn Blue and I got to talk to both Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney about what's been happening since we last saw them, making the album and after I asked Patrick about John Stamos working on the record we had a serious discussion about the shows on ABC's TGIF.


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Oh, and there's also talk of the 14 year old boy going with them to Europe, which was hilarious.

First up, Mr. Dan Auerbach!

And now let's hear from Patrick Carney!

Might be my favorite interviews I've ever done (when you can discuss Perfect Strangers and Mr. Belvedere that makes it awesome).

Turn Blue is out tomorrow. Make sure you get it and see The Black Keys when they come to the Verizon Center on September 25th. Thanks Dan and Patrick!

(And don't let kids watch Major League or Terminator unless you want them to turn out like we did.)