The new Rise Against record The Black Market was just released yesterday and I got a chance to spend a few minutes on the phone with their singer Tim McIlrath!

We chatted about how it all came together, the fact that the guys really don't care about the gear they play on and what the plan was going in to record the songs on  the record.

"With Rise Against there's never really been a plan, there really hasn't. There's no Powerpoint presentation before we do a tour or a record. When we started this whole band it's just something that we've always followed our gut instincts and it's all very organic. When we write a record it's as simple as the form of walking into a room, setting up the drums, setting up the amp, setting up aPA, getting everything in tune, then looking at each other and saying Ok, what do you got?"

I think it's because of that attitude that Rise Against has that raw feel to all of their music, where it's not quite perfect but that's what the appeal is. Just emotion coming out in their music.

Check out the entire conversation we had!

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The Black Market is out everywhere now. Go here to get the record and all your Rise Against needs!Gracias Tim!