I'm always happy to talk to bands that are putting the hard work in to become bigtimers and Somekindawonderful is doing just that. They're on the road in the van, they're playing all the shows that they can and they're taking time to talk to fools like me.

Lead singer Jordy Towers called in to discuss the band's breakthrough song "Reverse" and how there are all kinds of twists to it, how they got to see a no hitter in person and how they'll hook people up who get the band's butterfly tattooed on their bodies!

Check out our conversation!

(credit Jade Ehlers)

And here's the cover of "California Love" that we talked about! 

I hope they do more throwback covers like this! Very well done.

Make sure you catch Somekindawonderful when they come to the 9:30 Club on October 14th with New Politics and Bad Suns! You can get tickets and find out what else is going on with the band by clicking here.

Gracias Jordy! Have fun at the next mall magic show you see!