Steel Panther is taking the world over with their awesome songs and their concerts, which really are a party every night they play! I got a chance to catch up with the man behind the madness, Michael Starr, and we discussed the band's focus on social issues in their songs, how people should have threesomes at their shows and Aiden Fisher, the kid who got on stage to play "Eruption" and how cool that was for Steel Panther!

"Bringing him up on stage, and having 5,000 people just freak out that he's jamming, and the kid's just sh**ing his pants, just trying to hold it together. He came to our last two shows, his dad and him are basically on tour with us, they're following us around, and that was an amazing moment man, because we're shaping the youth of America, and that was important."

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I'm telling you that going to see Steel Panther on Friday at the Fillmore Silver Spring is a must. It is a party like no other whenever they are on stage.

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Appreciate it Michael!