One of the band's I've always wanted to talk to is Soundgarden and I had a chance to get a few minutes on the phone with their guitarist, Kim Thayil! We talked about the 20th Anniversary package of Superunknown that's coming out early in June, the tour with Nine Inch Nails this summer and if bands still can make a major national impact without MTV being the powerhouse for music it used to be.

"There's always a vehicle for which fans can discover new artists or up and coming artists. Youtube's doing a great job. At least Youtube is sort of reminding us what the Top 40 thing was like in the 60s, where you have these one hit wonders and flash in the pans. There's a lot of that going on, where some artist will reach prominence on the strength of a single and a particular video and then disappear later on. Some will sustain."

Very interesting insight into things from a guy who has been in music for so long. The full interview is right below this very glamorous photo of Kim!

June 3rd is when the 20th Anniversary edition of Superunknown is being released and they are here on August 4th at Jiffy Lube Live with Nine Inch Nails. Click here and get all of your Soundgarden needs!

Thanks for taking the time to talk Kim!