This weekend RFK Stadium is the place to be with Volkswagen Rallycross DC happening, part of the Red Bull Global Rallycross series!

Bucky Lasek called in to talk about the event and what will go on over the next few days, how he roughed up his elbow recently and the scariest moment for him on the track.

"Racing behind Liam Doran, and him having a blown motor and me knowing it because it was all over my window. At the time I was in an underpowered car so he would pull out of the line, the racing line, for me to go by him but my car wasn't fast enough to get by him, so he pulled back in front of me right before a 65 foot jump. So I checked up, needless to say, and went off the side of the ramp!"

WOW! That's a bit more than just another day at the track.

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Listen to my chat with Bucky Lasek!

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Volkswagen Rallycross DC is Saturday and Sunday at RFK Stadium! Click here to see about all the events going on and to grab your tickets.

And for Bucky Lasek on Twitter you can follow him @buckylasek and to get him on Instagram he's @buckylasek!  

Good luck this weekend sir!