Backstage at shows, things happen, including bands smoking weed. Think what you want about it but it's part of the deal. Apparently though, that doesn't fly when Linkin Park is around.

Rome Ramirez of Sublime With Rome tweeted the following out after their appearance in Tuscon, Arizona, at the KFMA Day show this weekend.   

And this.

 Then the third shot at Linkin Park.


Wow! Nobody from the Linkin Park camp has commented on the situation as of now, but if Rome hasn't removed the tweets yet, I doubt that this issue is going to just be let go.

UPDATE: Mike Shinoda denied via Twitter that Linkin Park had anything to do with the police coming out and taking Sublime with Rome's weed.



Hmmm... Two sides to every tale. I still feel like there's something missing in this story.

UPDATE: Chester is mad! 

UPDATE: Now Mike Shinoda is just screwing with Rome. Well played.