What an awesome time we had! Clint and I got invited to Six Flags America to be some of the first to ride the two new rides, the Ragin' Cajun roller coaster (their 9th coaster!) and French Quarter Flyers!

I may have conveniently forgot to mention to Clint that the rides both spin... Oops! 

Just to let you know, no Clints were harmed in the making of this video.

We had an awesome time at Six Flags America and I loved both Ragin' Cajun and the French Quarter Flyers! Definitely must get on rides when you head down there yourself.

Click here to get tickets for Six Flags America and see their summer schedule for 2014!

One last thing. I saw kids riding the rides a couple times and Clint, a grown man, once. He needs to get it together!