Retired Marine Corporal William Kyle Carpenter is a true hero. While serving in Afghanistan, he put himself in front of a grenade to shield his fellow Marine, Lance Corpora Nicholas Eufrazio. Somehow, Cpl. Carpenter survived but had traumatic injuries to his body.

Because of this act, he was given the Medal of Honor this week by President Obama. How many of us would do something like that? Maybe it was a reaction, maybe Carpenter thought that saving someone else was more important, but whatever it was makes him a man we can all look up to.

After he received the Medal of Honor, he was given a private tour of the White House and who else happened to be there that day? Dave Grohl. 

The smile on both of their faces speaks volumes. For Carpenter, to meet Dave Grohl and the President in the same day has to be awe inspiring. For Grohl, he's a genuinely good guy and will take time out of his day for a fan, especially one who is an American hero.

Thank you Corporal Carpenter. What you did is absolutely incredible and know that we are all behind you.