With so much media and visual stimulation in the world, bands have to be creative about their promotion of albums and projects. Coldplay is trying something different out for their new record.

They won't say where they are, but in nine different countries around the globe the band place a sheet with the words from one of the songs on Ghost Stories in a library book. Plus, with one of those sheets of lyrics will be a special bonus surprise: the person who finds it will get tickets and their travel taken care of to see Coldplay in London on July 1st at the Royal Albert Hall!

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I'm guessing major cities will be the target for the lyrics: Washington DC, New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, places like that. But who knows! Maybe they'll throw a curveball at everyone and do it in nine different libraries in Cleveland. It could happen!

The guys also said that as each one is found they'll post a photo and the location on Twitter @Coldplay, plus if you're looking for them yourself they'd like to see where you are with #lyricshunt and they will retweet some of them.