Count me in on this for sure.

Variety reports that AMC has said yes to the new Billy Corgan wrestling reality show. It will be an 8 episode first season, taking a look at the ins and outs of Billy being the man behind Resistance Pro in Chicago. Each show is set to be an hour long.

Billy makes no secret about the fact that he's a huge fan and rumors were going around last year that he was going to be a major investor in TNA Impact Wrestling. I think this show could bring out a different side of Billy and hopefully will be a success for him and everyone involved with Resistance Pro.

As of now the show is being labeled as "Untitled Billy Corgan Wrestling Project", though I'm sure a clever name is in the works. And which band do you think will do the theme song? Hmmmm... I have a guess.

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By the way, if he ever wanted to step into the ring, I have a name: Bully Corgan! That would work, right? Ok, I'm done... Sorry.