There is still plenty of tension surrounding the Ukraine and Russia but that didn't stop 30 Seconds to Mars from being in Kiev and playing their show!

The band did the gig at the Kiev Sports Palace on Wednesday and Jared Leto told everyone in the crowd that they made it a priority to be there and entertain them.

Via ABC, "I understand other bands have cancelled their shows, but there was no f***ing way, no f***ing way, 30 Seconds to Mars, wasn't going to be here in this beautiful city, in this great country here tonight."

(Depeche Mode bailed on their Kiev concert last month.)

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Jared also toured a memorial the following day, set up to honor those who lost their lives fighting the police during the hostile times in February.

Quite brave of the entire band to be there for people that need a release after such a tense part of their lives. Well done 30 Seconds to Mars!