So if you have ever heard me on the air, you know that I have a favorite band. I work in radio and I am technically not supposed to but it should also be known that I am a music fan as well.

My favorite band is Jimmy Eat World. In 2013, I saw them three evenings in the span of five days in New York City, Richmond and at the 930 Club. I have been slacking and only seen them 11 times but here's hoping they get back up this way as part of their 2014 tour when they get back stateside after a summer in Europe.

The video below has surfaced and highlights some vintage early in their career Jimmy Eat World. This was filmed in 1999 at the Warped Tour in Dallas right after "Clarity," arguably their best work ever had been released. It is a 30 minute clip and if you want to hear an early live version of the song "Sweetness," you'll want to pay attention around the 9:40 point of the video.