I love sports.

The football team in Washington is my most favorite team but the hockey team is a very close second as I have been a season ticket holder since 2008. I also like to play them as well. Basketball is my most favorite to play. But if there are sports on television, I will watch. And with the Olympics about to happen, it is a no brainer that I will be watching any event. 

With all that said, the NFL playoffs have my undivided attention at the moment. There is no one team that I am rooting for to advance to the big game but there is a player who I will be rooting for.

His name is Derrick Coleman and he is a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks. He went unselected in the 2013 NFL Draft but the Seahawks saw something in him and have given him a chance. In addition to that, Derrick is the first deaf player in the NFL. Overcoming the odds and doing something that most people knocked him for is more than admirable.

The folks at Duracell put this commercial together. Check it out: