Earlier this year I celebrated my 6th anniversary at DC101 and have loved every minute of being here. Being able to play some of my favorite, hang with a bunch of really cool people (even Mike Jones) and have the opportunity to interact with some amazing listeners has made this part of my radio journey totally worth it.

The other part of this gig that makes me tick is the morning of December 25th. For the last seven Christmas mornings, I have been on the air at DC101 and have been given the freedom to rock out festive style. Not just the bands that you are used to hearing on DC101 but I get to reach into the grab bag and pull out some gems. 

This labour of love has affectionately been known as, "It's a Very Khan Christmas." Please join me again this Wednesday December 25th at 8am through the radio, dc101.com or the IHeartRadio app on your smartphone or tablet. I can provide the background to whatever you all do on the morning of Christmas. 

This one has become a new favourite!