I love Pop Punk!

I said it and do not care what anyone says. It is one of those genres that just speaks to me and there are a few bands who are pioneers in that realm. One of those bands is New Found Glory. Formed in Florida, these gentlemen have been at it for years and years. My first introduction to them was at the 9:30 Club when they played a show $1 and full on rocked 815 V St NW back in 2000. Since then, I have seen them more than 15 times and not just here in the area. The last time I saw them was November 2011 in Las Vegas. Sure they played shows in Richmond and in Baltimore but why not see them in a super cool place like on the Vegas strip right?

If you look to the left of this blog post (maybe up or down depending where the post is), you will see a picture of me with Chad Gilber, the guitar player from New Found Glory. Below is a photo of me with the boys from December 2002. As mentioned, I have seen them a bunch of times and have gotten to hang out with them a good bit as well too and they are a good bunch of dudes who love what they do.

They are going to be in town on November 7th at the Fillmore Silver Spring along with Alkaline Trio. It is a show that you can't miss. Something else that is awesome is that the boys are releasing their first ever live album on October 8th entitled "Kill it Live." It will feature three new live songs. The setlist is below:

Track Listing
01) Intro
02) Understatement
03) Don't Let Her Pull You Down
04) All Downhill From Here
05) Anthem For the Unwanted
06) At Least I'm Known For Something
07) Sonny
08) Something I Call Personality
09) Boy Crazy
10) Tip of the Iceberg
11) Coming Home
12) Forget My Name
13) Sincerely Me
14) Hit or Miss
15) Truth Of My Youth
16) The Story So Far
17) My Friends Over You
18) I Want to Believe
19) Connect the Dots
20) First Bite

A lucky listener, a much younger Khan and the boys from New Found Glory back in December 2002.