I am an Orioles fan. I tried to like the Nationals but after they stopped playing at RFK and got rid of Chad Cordero, I felt no reason to try anymore. Rather, I reverted back to the team I grew up rooting for, The Baltimore Orioles.

This gets many different responses as I am told that I "have" to be a Nats fan because I grew up in Virginia and I have to root for the home team. That is a whole different conversation  for another time.

Anyway, the Nationals might have a kinda sorta new fan mainly because of Jayson Werth. On May 16th, during a post-game interview, Jayson Werth was being interviewed by MASN's Ray Kolko and the hilarity ensued.

As a huge fan of the film "Mean Girls," what he did in the video below is classic, awesome, hysterical and of course fetch!