I love Sophia Bush!!! Ever since her scence in Van Wilder and her amazing line when she's in Van's room. She turns around and says, "You must be Gwen. The truck driver."

Since then she's been on every magazine's top ___ list for hottest or most attractive female in the world and did an amazing turn in the show "One Tree Hill." Don't judge me! That show was awesome yo! She is currently an advocate for many worthy causes and does not in anyway shy away from letting it be known how she feels. I mean look at her...she's beautiful. Definitely on top of my top five celebrity crush list.

photo courtesy of IMDB

She is also the main female character in the video for Passion Pit's "Carried Away." The song is very upbeat but when you listen to the lyrics and watch the video, it shows the tumultuous nature of relationships. The videos is below.

Oh...and go purchase their new album, "Gossamer." You won't be disappointed.