A website recently named the top 25 actors who were at some time actors in a former life. The list is full of very accomplished athletes who have done some good work on either the big screen of the cinemas or the television.

Some noteworthy names are:

  • Lou Ferrigno (professional bodybuilder and CFL football player and TV's "The Incredible Hulk)
  • Alex Karras (Webster and the NFL's Detroit Lions)
  • Bubba Smith (NFL defensive player and Police Academy's Moose Hightower)
  • Burt Reynolds (fullback at Florida State and "Boogie Nights"
  • Terry Bradshaw (four time Super Bowl Champion and played McConaughey's dad in "Failure to Launch.").
  • Bob Uecker (Sportscaster and TV's "Mr. Belvedere" and famous for the line, "Just a bit outside" in "Major League")
  • Jason Lee (professional skateboarder and Banky from "Mallrats")
  • Mark Harmon (college football at UCLA and Gibbs from "NCIS")
  • The Rock - Dwayne Johnson (college football at The U and "Fast 5" among others)
  • Jim Brown (Hall of Famer for the Cleveland Browns and was in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" and "Any Given Sunday!")
  • Fred Dryer (NFL's LA Rams and TV's "Hunter.")
  • Bruce Jenner (decorated gold medal decathalete and "Keeping Up With Karda...

WAIT...WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??! Don't get me wrong. As a former track athlete (I was all district track at Edison High School in the mid-90s) who looked up to Bruce Jenner but you have got to be sh-tting me if his being on Keeping Up The Stupids is considered acting. Some of it is scripted but seriously!!! That is acting!??!

This is the website if you want to check out the whole list!