According to The Washington Post, October 11th's "Truckers 
Ride for the Constitution" rally where truckers clog 
the inner loop of the beltway expressing disapproval of national 
political a hoax. 

Initially, reported that truckers circling I-495 were
to block three lanes effectively clogging the beltway and seek the 
arrest of congressmen for allegedly "disregarding the Constitution."

Now there seems to be some backpedaling from trucker and 
protest logistics Earl Conlon saying his initial comments to
US News was to "stir the feather of the mainstream media"
and that " would not be right to go to D.C. to lock down the city by 
the Belt loop..."

Still, The Washington Post further reports that "...while
thousands of truckers may indeed come to Washington on 
Friday and many of them may travel along the inner loop of 
the Beltway, honking their horns, they won't intentionally 
shutdown traffic."

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