The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders are suing their team.

Now, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader is talking about problems within the life of an NFL cheerleader to Deadspin.

In the Raiders case, one of the biggest claims is that the cheerleaders get paid less than minimum wage.  Apparently, that's not the main issue for the Ravens.

The former cheerleader addresses several issues: Body weight compliance; the payment of required costs; and calendars.

According to the Deadspin tipster, the team is looking for real talent with the "right look."  The right look is "big boobs, flat stomach, pretty face."  The cheerleaders must maintain their look.  You're weighed at the beginning of the season and you must stay at that weight. "If you deviate from the baseline, you can/will get benched, but only if you're a female."

To maintain your look, you are apparently required to use a certain hair salon and are required to cover the cost which can run up to $1,000 a season.

The swimsuit calendars raise a lot of eyebrows.  A female cheerleader is required to purchase 100 swimsuit calendars at $12 apiece.  You are allowed to resell them for $15 each for a profit of $300, if you sell them all.

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