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Steven Adler is opening up about his latest stint in rehab.  The former Guns N' Roses drummer says in a statement that he's opted to seek treatment to nip a potential problem in the bud. 

The rocker, who has a history of substance abuse battles, says he's "picked up a bottle and drank."  He explains that he's done so "a few times," which is "a few times too many," and he "knew that this had to permanently stop." 

Adler says he "picked up the phone, before it got out of hand, to get help."  He acknowledges that several years ago he "kicked hard drugs," and says it's now time for him to "get rid of the urges of drinking alcohol." 

Steven adds that he's "at a great facility," and he'll stay there until he's "comfortable to be home to work the program" on his own.  He also expresses his confidence that he'll "beat this," along with his gratitude to the fans for their understanding, patience, and support. 

Adler's rehab stint has forced him to cancel his upcoming tour dates.  He had been on the road with his new band, Adler, featuring singer Jacob Bunton, guitarist Lonny Paul, and bassist Johnny Martin. 

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