Kmart has released another attention grabbing commercial.  This one specifically promoted a holiday line of "Joe Boxer" underwear.

The video features five men playing Silent Night with handbells.  Then, a table is moved to reveal the men in boxer shorts.  They play Jingle Bells without their hands.

It's pretty funny.

But, controversy has erupted!

Or has it?

Several people in the media are talking about another one of Kmart's "controversial" ads.  Earlier this year, they asked us to "Ship our pants" and to enjoy "Big Gas Savings."

Take a look at Kmart's Facebook page and read what people are saying.  What are people saying about the ad?

Something positive?

Of course they are.

Because, the ad isn't actually controversial.  Something does not become "controversial" just because a handful of people don't like it.  "Controversy" happens when those who disagree with something won't shut up about it.

Nobody is going to picket Kmart over this ad.  There won't be a boycott.  If somebody is actually mad at Kmart this holiday season, the reason will be based on their decision to open on Thanksgiving Day.

Unless there is a group that we are unaware of that really hates puns.