Jelly Belly will make a beer flavored jelly bean.  It will have a hefeweizen flavor.  If you're not familiar with hefeweizens, they typically have a fruity taste.  You can often taste bubble-gum, banana, and vanilla flavors.  So, the flavor probably won't seem that different compared to other jelly beans.

The company shared the idea on Facebook.  They got a lot of negative attention.  It seems like a lot of their fans don't want candy that tastes like beer.  Of course, you can get a pina colada flavored bean.

But, that doesn't matter to some people.  On the Jelly Belly Facebook page one fan writes:

"I am so angry and disappointed about this decision that I don't know even to begin where to start. I have been a big fan of Jelly Belly since I was 13. And now you have developed a flavor that that may encourage minors (like I was 20+ years ago or my own children today) to develop a substance abuse problem. Just as bad, have you though about recovering alcoholics who are harmed by such an influence. With many people buying jelly beans in the upcoming season for Easter, I hope that your prayerfully reconsider this decision. I know my future purchases will be heavily influenced by this outcome."


"Tastes like beer, but it's a candy! Because it has no alcohol, Jelly Belly (the "Monsanto of Candy") are not required to regulate to whom it is sold to!

Sure! This is for "adults," that is why Jelly Belly will have a STRICT policy of not selling this to MINORS.

They may even have to label it!

After all, WHAT KIND OF AN IRRESPONSIBLE COMPANY would be MORALLY BANKRUPT enough to put the ONUS ON THE PARENTS and wash its hands of the issue? SURELY they will label it or regulate whom it is sold to... keeping a CLOSE EYE on their candy store sales because like Jelly Belly just said... this is FOR ADULTS.



"I am OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO wrong!!!! What the hell are you trying to promote here?? More alcoholism?? Don't we have enough of this problem?? You want kids to try this & get the taste of beer which may lead to MORE alcoholism?? This is so irresponsible from a company which I thought was so much better than this!!!"