"There’s something in police work called the ‘dying declaration,’ a legal concept that, in a nutshell, basically says that if someone who believes they’re going to die gives out the name of a suspect or is able to explain what happened, that’s not considered hearsay in court when they’re not there to testify; it’s admissible evidence."

Chris Carroll was a sergeant at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  He was the cop that arrived at the scene after Tupac Shakur was shot in a drive-by.

The murder of Tupac Shakur launched the rapper from a star into a legend.  He was only 25 when he died.  His story has been told by many people.  It was the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 called One Night in Vegas.

Now, we are getting the story from the police officer's point of view.

Carroll is now retired and is telling his story to Vegas Seven.

His story differs from what was previously reported, specifically in the book The Killing of Tupac Shakur.

Carroll needed to get some information from Tupac.  He needed to know what the rapper knew about the shooting.  But, it didn't work out that way.  Carroll explains:

"So I’m looking at Tupac, and he’s trying to yell back at Suge, and I’m asking him, ‘Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?’ And he was just kind of ignoring me. He was making eye contact with me here and there, but he’s trying to yell at Suge. And I kept asking over and over, ‘Who did this? Who shot you?’ And he basically kept ignoring me. And then I saw in his face, in his movements, all of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed. And he went from struggling to speak, being noncooperative, to an ‘I’m at peace’ type of thing. Just like that.

He went from fighting to ‘I can’t do it.’ And when he made that transition, he looked at me, and he’s looking right in my eyes. And that’s when I looked at him and said one more time, ‘Who shot you?’

He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: ‘Fuck you.’"

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