Photojournalist Andrew Youssef has photographed tons of musicians in his career.

Sadly, that all appears to be over.

Youssef has stage four colon cancer.  He's battled the disease for three years.  But, doctors recently told him that he does not have much time left.

Read about Youssef's battle in his OC Weekly blog

Over the years, Youssef has seen Nine Inch Nails several times.  Pretty much any time he can.  Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor learned about Andrew Youssef's story.  The two developed a bond and Reznor has brought up Youssef a lot over the past few months both on stage and in interviews.

Youssef wanted to go to two final Nine Inch Nails shows: November 8th in Los Angeles and November 16th in Las Vegas.

He made it to the LA show, but was too sick to make Vegas.

So, Reznor brought Vegas to him.

Reznor Facetimed Youssef while on the stage and dedicated In This Twilight to one of his biggest fans.