Queens of the Stone Age front-man Josh Homme is one of the bigger rock musicians in the world.  Homme stands at about 6'5" and many of his contemporaries are below 6'.

So, he's not the rocker you want to get physical with.

But, Homme's size did not deter one overzealous fan.  At a show in Florida on Tuesday night, a fan jumped on stage.  The fan went to Homme and grabbed him as the musician was playing piano during The Vampyre of Time and Memory from the band's ...Like Clockwork album.

Homme immediately reacted.  He grabbed the fan and as soon as he had control over the guy, he tossed him into the crowd.  When he got back to the mic, he had this to say:

"Don't do that...I don't care if you love me.  You can stand right there, dude.  I don't know what you're trying to do.  You're lucky I didn't fuck you up.  I'm here to play for you, not jerk you off, you fucking douchebag.  He's the luckiest guy in here, because I all wanted to do was kick his ass."

Homme finished, "You can tell I'm getting more mellow as I get older."  Then, the band went back into the song.

“You can tell I’m getting more mellow as I get older.”

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