In a Twitter chat, Muse front-man Matt Bellamy dropped some information regarding the band's next album.

Bellamy tells one fan, "We hope to have it ready for next summer."

When another fan asked about his statement that the band's next album would be a return to musical roots, Bellamy said, "yes.  It's going to get heavy."

Muse released their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, in October of 2012.  The album featured elements of electronic music.  

In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Bellamy said similar things about the band's next album, "I have this strong feeling that the next album should be something that really does strip away the additional things that we've experimented with on the last two albums, which is electronics, symphonics and orchestral work and all that kind of stuff. I kind of feel like it will be nice to reconnect and remind ourselves of just the basics of who we are."